Monin Organic Agave Nectar 750 mL

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Agave is a type of succulent plant that includes over 200 species. Agave nectar is a sweetener produced in Mexico from several species of agave plants, including Agave tequilana (also called Blue Agave or Tequila Agave) and others. The nectar is produced by filtering and processing the expressed juice from the core of the agave plant. Agave has grown in popularity in recent years because of its low glycemic index.* It is also about 25% sweeter than table sugar, which makes it a lower calorie option. Monin Agave Nectar is derived from premium agave nectar. Made with premium ingredients, Monin Agave Nectar is specially formulated to dissolve instantly in any hot or cold beverage, for fast convenient use with great taste. For additional convenience and self-serve counter use, a convenient pump is available. Pump measures a 1/4 oz. portion, which delivers the sweetness of a packet of granulated sugar.* A low glycemic index means that the food or beverage does not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.